Exterior, Interior and Detail Services

Exterior auto detail services

All exterior services will receive a hand wash/chamois dry, clean tires and wheels, window and mirror cleaning, vacuum interior, bug and road grime removal. Prices shown are ranges based on each service and vehicle category. The 3 primary vehicle categories are:

1. Car, Sedan, Coupe
2. SUV, Truck, Minivan
3. Excursion, Suburban, Escalade, etc.

Actual cost depends on the size and condition of vehicle. Call for inquires regarding vehicles not listed above.

Eco Friendly Services
Pop’s Auto Detail & Reconditioning uses Eco Friendly products that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We are EPA compliant with water reclamation to prevent water runoff into the storm drains.

Poly Seal Treatment:   $120 / $150 / $170
This is our long-term paint protection service for those who plan to keep their cars for a “long time” and want protection. A paint sealant is applied in place of wax and actually bonds an invisible shield of polymer protection that will protect your car’s paint from the environmental elements and the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. This service is recommended every 8-12 months depending on the climate.

Paint Enhancement Service:   $80 / $110 / $140
This 3-4 step process is intended to correct minor to medium paint imperfections and oxidation. First we use a clay bar application to remove contaminants embedded into your clear coat. Your vehicle is then professionally machine buffed with polishes and glazes with resins to enhance the paints appearance. Finally a carnauba wax is applied to seal in the protection. Service is recommended every 6 months depending on the climate.

Wash & Wax:   $50 / $60 / $70
This one step exterior polishing service is for vehicles not requiring any paint correction. After the vehicle is prepped and washed, a wax is applied to leave a brilliant shine. Service is recommended every 3 months depending on climate.

Basic Wash:   $30 / $35 / $40
Vehicle is prepped pre soaked and hand washed with a microfiber mitt, wheels/tires cleaned, front facia attention to remove road grime and bug residue. Interior vacuumed, dash and door panels wiped clean, mirrors and glass cleaned. Interior fragrance is available upon request.

Convertible Roof Cleaning / Conditioning:   $25 - $50
Convertible “soft tops” are prone to environmental fallout, staining and spotting. We will thoroughly clean with a special cleaning agent specifically for convertible materials. Once cleaned and dried a fabric protection is applied to help fight against the elements.

Engine Detail:   $35 / $50
Keeping your vehicle’s engine clean will help it run more efficiently and can increase resale value. The engine compartment is cleaned with a special degreaser to break down caked up grease and grime that you will find on firewalls, reservoirs and valve covers. Next the engine compartment is dressed with a non-silicone low sheen dressing. Although many precautions are taken not to damage various electronic sensors we are not responsible for damage that could occur.

Headlight Restoration:   $35 Per Lens
We use a process that will eliminate any yellow or cloudy discoloration from your headlight lens. Discoloration and oxidation is a result of UV radiation, rocks, and road debris over time resulting in decreased visibility at night.

Interior auto detail services

All interior services receive a complete air purging and vacuuming to loosen and remove excess debris and dust. All windows and mirrors are cleaned. Prices shown are simply ranges; actual cost depends on size and condition of vehicle.

Interior Clean:   $70 / $95 / $120
Interior is first vacuumed and air purged to loosen and remove dirt and dust particles from the floor, seats, rear shelf and all cracks and crevices. All vinyl and leather and trim components are cleaned and treated to recondition the surfaces. Special attention is given to dashboard, consoles, door panels and pockets. Carpet and upholstery are then pre-treated, hand scrubbed and finally deep cleaned with a heated extractor to remove ground-in dirt, grime and stale odors. All interior window, mirrors and gauges cleaned as well. Fragrances are available upon request.

Carpet & Seat Cleaning:   $40 / $60 / $90
Floorboards and seating surfaces are vacuumed and air purged to remove loose debris. Carpets are then checked for stains, pre-treated, spots hand scrubbed and deep cleaned with a heated extractor. Leather seating surfaces are cleaned and conditioned with special products to restore the leather’s natural beauty.

Odor Removal / Ozone Treatment:   $50 - $100
For strong offensive odors from cigarettes, smoke damage, pets, urine, food, and mildew, Ozone Treatment is very effective in removing such unpleasant, embarrassing smells. Ozone(O3) is a colorless gas with a distinct pungent scent. Ozone occurs regularly in nature most noticeable at the beach, in forest or near waterfalls. It is that freshness that one experiences. Ozone can easily destroy odors from bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. We place an ozone generator in the vehicle after thoroughly cleaning the affected area. Ozone treatment times vary from ½ to 2 hours. Our Interior Clean service is highly recommended prior to the ozone treatment.

Fabric Protection:   $30 / $40 / $50
This service provides a colorless and odorless protection against spills, stains, food, etc, while it forms an invisible barrier around each fiber so spill cannot leave a stain. Having fabric protection applied to new or newly cleaned carpets & upholstery will keep interior cleaner longer and make cleanups in the event of a spill easier. This is highly recommended for new vehicles.

Car and Truck detailing package pricing

Full Detail:   $140 / $190 / $255 (20% Discount off regular pricing)
This service includes our Basic Wash, Paint Enhancement Service and Interior Clean. Add $20 to $30 for the Poly Seal treatment.

Capital City Detail:   $165 / $210 / $275
Included is the Full Detail Package listed above plus the Engine Detail.

New Vehicle Protection Package:   $200 / $230 / $260
Designed for recently purchased vehicles where you want to protect your investment (paint and the interior) early in your ownership. This package features our Poly Seal treatment to give your vehicle the protection it needs from the beginning from the environment and UV rays. We also include our fabric protection for upholstery and carpets. This odorless, colorless process will serve as a barrier against liquid and food spills not allowing stains to absorb into your carpet and seat fibers. Your leather seats will also receive a conditioning treatment to maintain their new condition for as long as you own the vehicle. We recommend this package annually as a preventative measure to maintain complete surfaces protection over time.

A la carte car and truck detail pricing

Headlight Restoration:   $35 per lens
Clay Bar Treatment:   Call
Rain-X:   $20
Pet Hair Removal:   $50/Hour
Overspray Removal:   $50/Hour
Excessive Tar Removal:   $45/Hour
Headliner Cleaning:   $15
Upholstery Cleaning:   $30
Floor Mat Extraction:   $20
Clean & Condition Leather:   $35
Window Water Spot/Acid Rain Removal:   $40
Premium High Gloss Tire Dressing:   $5